Watchdog 2000 – in action

1995 – 1996

Shortly after graduating, I stared my first job and moved into a small apartment.  I attempted to install my Watchdog 2000 solution into my apartment and began to appreciate its limitations.  First, there was a lot more wire required than I anticipated, I had to use sticky-tack to run the wire along the corners of the wall and ceiling which looked terrible.  Next, the system required that my one-and-only PC be almost fully dedicated to the application and it had to be running all the time.  Finally, I was plagued with false alarms and missed alarms.  In short, the system needed a lot of work.

In late 1996, I got married and moved into another (bigger) apartment.  Although very understanding about many things, my new spouse put her foot down on having ugly wires strung all around the apartment, so Watchdog 2000 was shelved.  Little did I realize at the time that it would be permanent.


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