March, 2012

I bought an EggBot from Sparkfun using my Free Day winnings.  Just in time for Easter  I was able to pull it out and print some pretty amazing egg designs.  After they were printed, we dyed them and they turned out really well.

The EggBot instructions were excellent, and the software was very versatile.  Without any instruction, I was able to download a Cubs logo, convert it to a format that could be printed, and in no time I had it printed on an egg – very cool.  I was even successful in using the software to write each kid’s name on an egg using big block letters – they all turned out very well.

Not all designs were perfect.  The imperfect curve of an egg causes distortion of some patterns.


418078_400479079979322_1458594240_n 432356_400479116645985_575620645_n 417267_400479223312641_1000144640_n 427117_400479369979293_1990998283_n 423312_400479393312624_1657460840_n 424859_400479473312616_1702399028_n 421975_400479039979326_74831005_n 419978_400479263312637_543640006_n


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