Light Box

July, 2012

This was a quick and easy project I did over a weekend for my kids.  They like to draw and trace, and I wanted to make them a light box so they could do this more easily.  They have something like this at school, and I figured I could build one quickly and easily.

This project gave me a chance to do a bit of wood working.  I started by cutting a 1×4 into pieces, and using some router bits to round the edges and cut a notch for the plexiglass.  Cutting the 3/16″ plexiglass was not easy, but with some persistence, I was able to get some clean cuts in the size I needed.  I screwed together the sides for a snug fit.  Next, I wired in a white LED strip I got from Mouser (trimmed to fit the inside of the box) and two 4-pack AA battery holders.  I wired it up to a push on/off switch.  Finally, I installed a pair of handles.

My kids love it and use it all the time.






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