A Video Game Fandom Sign

May, 2017

My previous fandom sign was such a success, I thought I would do one for every member of the family.  My son was next and he asked for a Video Game-inspired fandom sign since it is his favorite pass-time.  We talked about his top 5 favorite games and came up with phrases for each.  Total project time was about 7 hours.

I started with a design in InkScape where I used logos/symbols from each video game and downloaded fonts that were representative of each video game.

Things I learned by playing Video Games
[The Legend of Zelda] It's Dangerous to go Alone
[Super Mario Bros.] The Princess is in another castle
[Overwatch] The world needs more heros
[Pokemon] Gotta catch 'em all
[Team Fortress 2] The healing is not as rewarding as the hurting

Internet searches helped me find sources of free, downloadable True Type Fonts for Zelda, Mario, Overwatch, Pokemon and TF2.  I imported the logos/symbols into Inkscape and used the “Trace Bitmap” feature to convert them into paths.  I saved the Inkscape file in .SVG format, and imported it into Easel.


I used the Cherry wood from my last project and sliced the 10″ x 12″ board I needed. I clamped it down into the X-Carve and began carving.  Total carve time was 2 hours.  This time, I was smart and waiting to route the edges until after the carving.  I also sanded the face before carving since sanding afterward is risky due to the snagging that can happen with the lips of the carving.

I ended up carving this one twice because I wasn’t paying attention to the fonts.  Some of the fonts I picked put letters too close together which caused issues when carving.  Also, Easel defaults to “fill” shapes, but I really needed “outline” shapes so they appeared correctly.  An expensive mistake that I will not make again.


I video taped the carve process, then sped it up x16 so it could be viewed in just under 4 minutes.

After the carving, I sanded down the surfaces and used my Riffler files to clean up the insides of the carved letters.  I then used 3 different sandpaper grits, then wet/dry and did another round of sanding.  Finally, I put on 2 coats of Formbys Tung Oil Finish.  Here is the finished result.



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