Speeder Bikes

I built a pair of 10 foot-long, wearable Speeder Bikes with built-in sound effects.


Jawa Voice Box v2

A next generation of voice box uses Bluetooth v4 (BLE) to connect a hand-mounted button pad to a helmet module that plays .WAV files.

R2-D2 Voice Control

Electronics hidden inside an X-wing pilot helmet allow voice recognition to remotely control R2-D2’s sounds.

X-Wing Pilot Helmet

July, 2016 I purchased an X-Wing pilot helmet from DarthHair in May.  The kit arrived recently and I eagerly began … More

How to Cheat in a FitBit Challenge

This hack gives a new meaning to the FitBit Workweek “Hustle”. I slapped this together in about 15 minutes after I realized I was about to loose a challenge toward the end of the week. It took a bit of tuning to get the right rhythm and force for a step to register. Using this, I got about 6,500 steps per hour.